Nice dice roller to play your favorite board games

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Can't find the dice. How to play my board game?

Did you lose your favorite game's dice? Here is a simple solution to this problem. Replace your real, physical dice with a virtual one.


Open Google Play on your smartphone, tablet or computer and search for it or click here for direct link. Install the application on the device, it will take just a couple of seconds and will not take much space. The download is only 1.5 MB.

Choose dice count

Open the app and then click on the "Settings" menu on the top right corner of the screen. Choose how many dices you want to roll. You can select from one to six.


Tap on the screen to roll. It is that simple! At the bottom of the screen, you will see the sum of all dots.

Dice App features

The best dice roller for Android

Simple to use

So obvious that everyone can use it with just a single tap.
Beautiful, modern design with great animations and fast, responsive interface.

Small app size

The application is only 1.5 MB to download.
You will always have space for it.

Dice App for board games

Play your board games

Do you enjoy playing Monopoly or Yahtzee with your kids during the weekend? Be innovative and get virtual. This mobile application will make your favorite board games funnier. Have an unforgettable time with your friends and family.

Dice App settings


You can roll up to six dice simultaneously. So almost any board game can be played. From the Settings menu, you can enable "shake" functionality.
Also, there are sound effects for adventurers :)
If you use desktop widgets, check this app's one.

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